How IoT is changing the modern workplace

IoTStream Co-Founder, Perry Lobb, was asked to comment on IoT in the modern workplace in a recent blog item by TelcoSolutions. The article discusses transport, data collection, energy usage, security and wearables in the office environment.

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Prediction for 2019 – IoT in Australia

2018 will go down as a turning point for IoT. It was a period of time that saw meaningful progress on IoT projects moving into operation. Some companies took the bold step to be innovators and leaders in their industry segments. Across multiple industries like Energy, Healthcare, Transport, Industrial/Resource automation and Facilities Management, we are seeing the signs of companies taking the early adopter advantage. With the advent of cost-effective sensors, aggressive tariffing of communication services and flexible, scaleable, cloud-based IoT platforms, disruptive solutions are now possible without the need of heavy IT integration and in-depth knowledge of the full stack.

However, more has to be done to unleash the “billion devices connected” potential, analysts keep talking about. The enabling technologies are becoming available and there is real and growing interest, from companies of all sizes, in business cases that add digital intelligence to the physical world. 2019 will be the year when IoT will become the next IT poster child for revenue growth.

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5 ways that Augmented Reality and IoT can revolutionise the way we do things everyday

We have always imagined a world where technology is deeply integrated into our lives in such a way that increases human productivity, efficiency and convenience while minimising the margin of error in everything that we do. The vision of this strong connectivity between technology and human interaction might arrive sooner than we think with Augmented Reality and the Internet of Things making rapid progress in the tech sector. We have already seen Google Glass, Microsoft HoloLens and the worldwide phenomenon Pokémon GO and here are five more ways that AR and IoT can revolutionise the way we do things everyday.

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