The Internet-of-Things is the creation of digital connected objects facilitated by key developments in sensing technology, low cost computing, network infrastructure, cloud platforms and data analytics. These new digitally connected objects are part of a growing ecosystem of a products, services and business models that promise to revolutionise the way we live and work.
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Drip by Drip Building an IoT Business

Drip by Drip Building an IoT Business

We love receiving new business enquiries, especially when we also get a box in the post to play with.

Aquatel have done just this with us, asking how to best implement an IoT strategy.

The Aquatel water tank monitor system uses a very novel ultrasonic technique – patented – to remotely measure the level of water in a tank, and if required control a pump. This may be at a farm, a suburban home that is not connected to a utility supply or to check aquifer levels for a remote community. The system can also be used with any liquid – fuel oil, wine, sewage…

At present the system sends data to a home display unit using a proprietary wireless link. This is fine for the installation premise, but the next step is a connected system that reports data via a mobile app. Consumers expect a connected app these days, and businesses such as farms are looking for an integrated dashboard.

The first step we took was a proof of concept using a wifi module to send the tank measurement data to the IoTStream platform. By showing the ease of connecting the existing product to a cloud system we can quickly roadmap the full application as a commercial service.

Next we use a modem to send data via a network carrier.  The advantages are:


• Install anywhere (almost) in the world
• Works out of the box with no local setup
• Option of cellular NB-IOT next year for lower costs
• Low risk technology to develop and manufacture


This IoT strategy will allow Aquatel to scale their business even faster. Their worldwide distributors love the existing product, but expect to have a connected device these days. Aquatel will also offer a managed service with greater data analytics capability.


We love showing how rapidly an IoT system can be prototyped and that the time to commercial service is rapid. Working with us Aquatel have the confidence that risk and cost is controlled carefully whilst the customer satisfaction is proven.


Drip by drip Aquatel is assured that IoT technology works and value is being produced for customers.



For more information on the Aquatel tank monitoring system please contact at:


Please contact us at IoTStream if you have a similar product you want to connect as an Internet of Things service.

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