The Internet-of-Things is the creation of digital connected objects facilitated by key developments in sensing technology, low cost computing, network infrastructure, cloud platforms and data analytics. These new digitally connected objects are part of a growing ecosystem of a products, services and business models that promise to revolutionise the way we live and work.
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IoT Ensures Safe Medication

IoT Ensures Safe Medication

IoT Devices Ensure Safe Medication

IoTStream provides MimoCare with an Internet of Things system to ensure that medicines are stored at the correct temperature. The monitoring system provides MimoCare a new service to assist with in-home and residential care.

The Product: A medicine refrigerator monitor to ensure compliance with drug storage requirements.

Scenario: MimoCare are using Internet of Things technologies to assist carers with the elderly or disadvantaged either in-home or at residential care homes. By applying technology MimoCare can improve patient outcomes and support the workload of carers.


Application: A particular concern is ensuring that required medicines are stored at the correct temperatures. Temperature variations can cause drugs to deteriorate so that doses are no longer effective. Care authority regulations require that medicines are stored effectively. A low cost monitoring system ensures compliance without replacing refrigerators with more expensive units.

The first location that MimoCare wanted to monitor had several refrigerators spread over a large building. The goals were reliability of performance, low cost of purchase and operation, ease of installation and operation.


Solution: IoTStream suggested using Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) technology so that a single system would cover all the required area at the client site. The LoRa signal is able to penetrate through the refrigerator walls and provide a reliable signal. LoRa temperature monitoring devices are now available at an acceptable low cost. IoTStream sourced suitable temperature monitor devices along with a commericial LoRa gateway, and configured the system for the required application. IoTStream provides backend hosting for data storage from the system and an API
for MimoCare to integrate with their existing software application.


LoRa (Long Range Wireless) technology was chosen, as it can be deployed privately without requiring a network operator subscription for each connected device. LoRa provides a low data rate connection of about 10-100 kilobits per second, which is more than sufficient for this temperature monitoring application. Also LoRa has good performance over long distance and will operate inside a building with suitable layout.  IoTStream configured and tested an off-the-shelf LoRa gateway – a device not much different than a rugged wifi router – that provides interface from LoRa to a 4G cellular connection. The 4G connection sends data from temperature monitors directly to the IoTStream cloud platform. A web portal dashboard allows MimoCare to monitor refrigerator performance and receive alerts when required.

Benefits: Care providers have assurance that medicines are being stored in the correct environment. MimoCare adds to its business value with a new service taking care of compliance concerns. Issues are quickly flagged to MimoCare and carers that a problem is occurring.

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