IoTStream signals APAC Expansion with the signing MOU with PT Pentadata

IoTStream is proud to announce the signing of a landmark Memorandum of Understanding with one of Indonesia’s leading Telecommunications system integrators, PT Pentadata. 

Under this multi-year, multi industry agreement, the pair will work together on a range of IoT applications,  initially focused building management and automations, expanding to environmental services and others. 

PT Pentadata was established in Jakarta in 1992 and provides a range of system integrations services across software and hardware, allowing their customers to leverage technology for operational efficiencies.  They have a reputation for excellence in IT and telecommunications, and with this agreement, extending into IoT 

IoTStream was established to democratise IoT, to make connecting devices and sensors to the internet simple and straightforward. Allowing all businesses to create virtuous feedback loops of digital data enhancing the value of physical assets and products. IoTStream have developed a scalable IoT-as-a-Service solution that requires minimal up-front costs and uses modular, vertical agnostic back-end technology with a front-end tailored to specific business requirements. IoTStream is an experienced systems integrator and project manager in a muliti-vendor environment. IoTStream enables data driven decision making.

How IoT is changing the modern workplace

IoTStream Co-Founder, Perry Lobb, was asked to comment on IoT in the modern workplace in a recent blog item by TelcoSolutions. The article discusses transport, data collection, energy usage, security and wearables in the office environment.

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Prediction for 2019 – IoT in Australia

2018 will go down as a turning point for IoT. It was a period of time that saw meaningful progress on IoT projects moving into operation. Some companies took the bold step to be innovators and leaders in their industry segments. Across multiple industries like Energy, Healthcare, Transport, Industrial/Resource automation and Facilities Management, we are seeing the signs of companies taking the early adopter advantage. With the advent of cost-effective sensors, aggressive tariffing of communication services and flexible, scaleable, cloud-based IoT platforms, disruptive solutions are now possible without the need of heavy IT integration and in-depth knowledge of the full stack.

However, more has to be done to unleash the “billion devices connected” potential, analysts keep talking about. The enabling technologies are becoming available and there is real and growing interest, from companies of all sizes, in business cases that add digital intelligence to the physical world. 2019 will be the year when IoT will become the next IT poster child for revenue growth.

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IoTStream partners with ClearVue Technologies to provide Solar Energy Dashboard

ClearVue Technologies Limited have released an ASX Announcement advising of our partnership in developing a solar energy dashboard for their photovoltaic (PV) windows and IGUs.

We are customising our StreamVue portal to show power generation, energy savings, carbon offset and environmental information on an easy to read dashboard.

Click here to read the announcement.

ClearVue Solar Energy Dashboard

IoTStream completes inaugural Optus Small to Medium Business Innovation Challenge


IoTStream’s Stream and StreamVue products enable IoT benefits to be delivered quickly and easily

Sydney, 19th October 2018 – IoTStream has completed the inaugural Optus Innovation Challenge, facilitated by Optus and the Macquarie University Incubator, by presenting in the Innovation Showcase on 17th October to Optus executives and industry partners.

IoTStream was one of five finalists, selected from more than 80 businesses, to take part in the six-week program, designed to fast track innovative solutions to the Small to Medium Business segment.

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IoTStream selected for the Optus Innovation Hub

IoTStream is excited to have been selected from the Optus Innovation Challenge to participate in a 6-week program facilitated by Optus and the Macquarie University Incubator at the Optus Innovation Hub.

Commencing on 11 September, the program is designed to mentor for scale and validate within the context of the small to medium business segment.

Find out more about the Optus Innovation Hub here or watch the video and see how Optus are working alongside Small to Medium Businesses and Startups at the Sydney Startup Hub.

5 ways that Augmented Reality and IoT can revolutionise the way we do things everyday

We have always imagined a world where technology is deeply integrated into our lives in such a way that increases human productivity, efficiency and convenience while minimising the margin of error in everything that we do. The vision of this strong connectivity between technology and human interaction might arrive sooner than we think with Augmented Reality and the Internet of Things making rapid progress in the tech sector. We have already seen Google Glass, Microsoft HoloLens and the worldwide phenomenon Pokémon GO and here are five more ways that AR and IoT can revolutionise the way we do things everyday.

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Our CEO talks trends in IoT

To mark the arrival of the Vodafone xone business accelerator, Idealog interviewed the founders of the 10 startups selected by Vodafone to receive mentorship, funding and the potential benefits of working with a global network. Our CEO and founder, Perry Lobb was interviewed.

Listen below or read the text here.

IoTStream joins Vodafone Xone

IoTStream are proud to have been chosen as one of 10 companies in the inaugural Vodafone xone programme.

Vodafone xone is a NZ-based Innovation Lab and Startup Accelerator helping to bring the best startup and corporate ideas global. 

The Vodafone xone winners, chosen from 170 applicants, join a 6-month startup accelerator programme and receive $150K to assist in taking their idea from concept to reality. The programme also gives the winners access to Vodafone’s technical and marketing expertise to assist their growth.

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